Brian Benson Jr

Story behind it:

My heavyweight only had one fight, and was no longer competitive (not that it ever was) but I still had all the parts. I had been eager to compete again with the big bots but the oppurtunity had not arisen. I decided I would build a middleweight using many of the same parts as the heavyweight did and same weapon. That way I could compete at Motorama. I was underpowered in the first bot so I decided I would make up for it in this one. I decided on 2 3" long mags with my 4 blade. A deadly combination that even the most solid middleweights would fear. I planned on competing with it at the NPC Open Charity event and did with what I consider to be great success.

Name Origin:

I was at a complete loss for naming with bot. I didn't want to go with the postal theme because #1 it wouldn't work for this bot and #2 I was tired of people asking if I worked for the post office. After giving p in my search for a name I resorted to Consistently Inconsistent 2.0 . I later asked Eric "Mutt" Posey if he had any ideas. He came up "Papercut" and I liked it so that's that.

Weight Class:

Middleweight (120 lb)

Actual weight:

119 lbs

Build Time:

3 months to design it and 4 weeks to build. Estimated 250+ hours


1/2"x3" 2024 aluminum pocketed 3/8" deep for weight savings. All joints are such that the stresses are directly transferred to the other frame members and not into the screws. hey are used solely for compression and not shear. Allowing the frame to withstand large impacts with little damage. The baseplate is 1/8" 7075 aluminum.


1/4" lexan top. 1/8 Al sides in most places.


4 foot S7 tool steel bar hardened to 52-55 Rockwell C and is sharpened on the top and bottom for the leading and railing edge. Has sliced through titanium and surface hardened steel without difficulty. Running it are two 3" magmotors at 24 volts connected through a Team Whyachi gearbox and then a small pulley reduction giving it a theoretical max speed of 1905 rpm. The shaft is 1.5" 4130 hardened to 35 Rockwell C.


4 Astro 940's connected to Team Whyachi gearboxes and 2.38" wheels all at 18 volts


2 RS80D's one for the front and one for the back. These have adjustable current limiting which allow us to limit each motor individually to 30 amps. This prevents the Astro's from burning up. Even if the frame is damaged and locks up a wheel and stalls the gearbox, the astro hardly gets warm. Powering these are 2 18volt ringed 2600 nimh Battlepacks in parallel. The weapon is run by two Team Delta switches which control the two Team Whyachi C1 contactors. Powering the weapon is 4 3600 24 volt packs in parallel.


Futaba PCM 8 channel receiver.


NPC Charity Open Event




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