The Mailman


Build Report


Brian Benson Jr

Story behind it:

After Robocide I found out there was a local event (Pound of Pain) just an hour away from me which ran ants through 12 lbers. I decided I would dive into the world of smaller bots. So I went onto the Robot Marketplace and choose my parts. Having never built anything other then the Heavyweight I was pretty clueless as to what parts to use. Little did I know that what I ordered would leave me with almost no weight for a frame, but would also give me the power to out push nearly any bot I could get under. Giving me my most successful robot thus far.

Name Origin:

Let me first say that I nor anyone in my immediate family works or has any connections with the post office. I get asked that at least once per event. Before I made the Carbon Fiber frame I wanted to do a prototype frame out of lexan which would also serve as a template for the final one. I made it up out of 1/16" lexan but only did the baseplate. Without a top cover however I was not able to test its pushing ability. Looking around my room I spotted a USPS box some of the parts came in. Cutting that up I fashioned a top cover with the help of some duct tape.It was time to register the bot, meaning it needed a name. Being terrible at names I came up with The Mailman from the temporary cardboard USPS top and it was a wedge so it would "Deliver you to the pits!!!"

Weight Class:

Antweight (1 lb)

Actual weight:

16 oz

Build Time:

1 week to build. 1 week to get underweight by drilling 800+ holes.


Carbon fiber top and bottom. Top is .09 thick from a big Ebay lot. Motor mounts and front holders are uhmw.


.09 Carbon fiber


Wedge, The bot is the weapon!!!


33:1 Escaps with 2.75" wheels super glued on.


Scorpion HP ESC with an 7.2 volt 400 mAH Battlepack ant battery


Futaba micro receiver


12 Pounds of Pain

North Carolina Robot Street Fight 03'

House of NERC 03'

Central New York Event


Pound of Pain 6

BattleBeach II

Motorama 04'

Pound of Pain 7

NPC Charity Open Event





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