Gone Postal



Brian Benson Jr

Story behind it:

I had met Ben Davis at Robocide and he had invited me to go with him to NCRSF03'. My heavyweight wasn't ready and because I was flying out to Atlanta it would be too expensive to ship it anyway. I decided to build a 12 lber I could take on the plane with me. Having seen lots of very cool bots at 12PoP I decided on a design very similer to Anarchy Dude's (Jon) 12 lber T.A.12 with the drill powered hammer. This was because I did not want another weaponless wedge. This was the easiest way to do that with time running short.

Name Origin:

The name for this bot came around pretty simply, but ended up being perfect for it. And no, as I stated in The Mailman's page, I do not work for nor do I have any connections with the post office or ups. I knew the hammer was going to be fast and hit rapidly and I had already made The Mailman so I went along with the theme and called it Gone Postal. It would "Go postal" on its opponent with lots of hits.

Weight Class:

Hobbyweight (12 lb)

Actual weight:


Build Time:

5 days on the first version. About 2 weeks on the second.


3/8" solid UHMW 2.25" tall screwed together with 10-24 screws. There is a .09 Carbon fiber base plate which everything is mounted to.


.09 Carbon fiber top and bottom. Also 1/8 lexan over the top to prevent drums and other weapons from chewing the Carbon fiber up. The sides are skinned with .02 blue tempered spring steel which most spinning weapons cannot penetrate when only hitting the face. Drums just scratch the blue off. The uhmw underneath allows for flexing to occur. The front wedge is .095 Grade 5 titanium. Combined this allows me to face almost any spinner without fear of any real damage. However a better mounting technique is needed for the Titanium.


Hammer actuated by a drill motor


2 Drill motors with 4" wheels


2 Victor 883's without fans. IMX-1 mixer. 12volt 1950 NIMH Battlepack


Futaba 8 channel reciever.


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