Consistently Inconsistent

Build Report


Brian Benson Jr

Story behind it:

This was my first and biggest bot. How I got started in the sport before building it can be found here. It was originally designed as a middleweight. The plan had been for a HPA flipper on the wedge part and hammer on the back end. I started the CAD design on the evaluation version of Rhino 2.0. We started on the frame and ordered the drive parts. But after finding that two weapons was not realistic I decided on a horizontal bar spinner much like Hazard. We got it to the point that it drove for that May for the Robot Festival in 2002. After that it pretty much sat in the cellar while I slowly worked on the CAD. We planned on having it ready for Battlebots 6.0 but with that cancelled work slowed again. We weighed what we already had and found that here was no possible way to make weight in the middleweight class. We decided on the heavyweight class. Our next goal was the Robot Club and Grill that December. But with the robot in the same state as it was last May and the event rapidly approaching it was decided we would drive out to Robocide. The weapon system was designed into the already existing frame with a little luck. And we had an amazing month of work to get the robot done. You can see how that went here.

Name Origin:

Originally the robot was to be named 2gunz because of the two weapons. But because it seemed the design was constantly changing. I named it Consistently Inconsistent.

Weight Class:

Heavyweight (220lbs)

Actual weight:

240lbs with the intended armor. 220lbs without the bottom armor.

Build Time:

About 2 years of designing and building which occurred at the same time (I don't recommend doing that)


3/4" square mild steel tubing from true value. To mount the armor we drilled 3/8" holes into the tubing. Then we cut 3/8" O.D. round hollow tubing to 3/4" lengths. Next they were nickel silver brazed in and grinded down flat. Weldnuts were then nickel silver brazed in. This allowed us to screw the armor directly into the frame but the frame didn't lose any strength, it actually gained it. However it was very heavy.


1/4" 6061 Aluminum armored the entire frame and gave it strength.


4 foot S7 tool steel bar hardened to 52-55 Rockwell C and is sharpened on the top and bottom for the leading and railing edge. Run by a 3" magmotor with a 4:1 reduction using 3vx v-belts. As the frame was not designed for a the weapon the blade ended up being 13" up in the air.


2 NPC T64038's with a timing belt reduction to a 3/4" shaft and 6" wheels. Could carry 300lbs on the robot.


2 Victor 883's on the drive and 2 victor spin controllers for the weapon.


IFI Issac32






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